Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waiting on Earl

Hello Everyone.

So far nothing much is happening here on the Crystal Coast.  I see now that it has been downgraded to a category 2, so I expect nothing except some rain and a bit of wind.  I went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon and stocked up on a few things. They actually had some bread on the shelves!

We closed the office (Carolinas Center for Surgery) early today and we will be closed tomorrow as well. And of coures Monday is Labor Day! Hurray, a 4 day weekend (thanks Earl). Next week (Sept 10th at the Civic Center) the Carolinas Center for Weight Loss Surgery will be hosting their 2nd annual celebration for our patients! All of the models are our patients and we will post before pictures before they strut their stuff on the runway. Thousands of pounds lost, and many happier, healther people!

I went to Maurice's today to fit four of our models for next Friday. We have several more models to fit next week. We will be BUSY next week for sure.

We have just about completed the upgrades in my MIL's house. She lives with us now and we are going to rent her house out. My daughter and her friend will be moving in this weekend (weather permitting).

I like to go to thrift shops in our community as well as go to yard sales. Saturday I picked up a nice old wooden ironing board for $5.00! What a steal!  I also picked up a prim-style side table. I went to the Salvation Army yesterday afternoon and picked up a prim-style Santa and a candle pan. Then I went around to the PAWS thrift store and picked up an old roll-top bread box and a good size brown stoneware bowl. I only paid $6.00 for both! The bread box needs to be re-painted. I think I will try a mustard pain with a glaze over it to age it a bit.

There is an estate sale listed in the paper Saturday morning. I like to go bright and early and get in line because Barbara doesn't start her sales until 9 a.m. I like to get there around 8-ish because she will only let the first 25 in at 9 am, and then allots a few in at at time. I like to get there early so I can get first pick.  I like to collect ironstone, crocks, McCoy, old irons, and other miscellany.

Well, I guess I need to see what the weather channel is saying about Earl. So goodbye for now.