Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saturday Night Auction and Gardening

Hello everyone. I hope you are having  great week!

I thought I would chat a while. Hubby and I went to an auction Saturday night and picked up a few items for the booth. We went to a new-to-us auction up the road from us. We were pleasantly surprised with his layout and how quickly he moved through the merchandse. He had brought a "lot" back from Pennsylvania which is why I wanted to go.

I picked up Thomas and Sarah...
In original frames and bubble glass.

Victorian needle work - this frame is in excellent shape with no chips and its original wood back,

And I fell in this, it reminds of something you would find in an old country church...

We also picked up another slaw cutter (complete), a couple of crocks and a couple of bean crocks (one McCoy and one #3 brown/tan). All will be going to the booth (except for maybe Thomas and Sarah).

This past week we sold the larger reproduction cabinet (YAH!). I have another smaller cabinet that I will be taking down Friday. I will be re-arranging again and making room for other things. I also picked up a couple of nice older wood bowls to take to the booth as well, one is a fairly large Munsing bowl.

And it is time to work in the garden. Saturday is yard day for me (that's my plan anyway). I am digging up everything (EVERYTHING) in the front two beds, tilling, and then re-designing the garden, simple and clean.  I have it in my head, but still need to go to the garden supply to see what is coming in now and what will be good to plant now. I am looking for nice shrubbery, and something that is blooming. I had a fella in a few weeks ago that suggested I go with the bigger pots, not the dinky one-gallon size plants, so the garden fills in quicker. So basically I am looking for a couple of tall plants for the corners of the porch, and smaller/shorter/dwarf plans for the front of the porch - maybe boxwoods, maybe azaleas, etc., etc.  I have an old wheelbarrow in the back I might use as a planter. And I am looking for a concrete sheep statuary to put in the garden as well, at a REASONABLE price. Well, we will see. I have to buy the plants and mulch first, then "decorate".

Well, there you have it, for now.....
I hope you have a great weekend!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sewing, mental health and more

Hello friends,

Super Bowl Sunday, hubby is at work, so I am working on some projects. I have been wanting to make some of these dresses for a while now. I made 5 yesterday and finished them up today. I picked up an old pattern at the Salvation Army and used it for one, then made my own pattern to make the rest. They are all stained and have dried and I embellished them with an old button. They hang on make-do hangers. I am partial to the lighter ones, but the others will go to the shop.

A friend gave me some old wood thread bobbins from her grandmother's estate. I have had them for a long time and have finally gotten around to using them. I wound blue calicos around some and mixed them up in a wood bowl as bowl fillers. I had so many that I made a few bags to sell at the shop and also sold a bag of plain bobbins.

I have been working on some other projects too. They are spread out across my dining room stable drying, waiting for the final process.

This wood carrier is one such recently finished project. I picked it up this summer at a yard sale for $2.00.  It is now completed and is decorated for spring.

I have re-arranged the top of the pie safe as well. I picked up the lamp recently at the S.A. I will repaint it when the weather is warmer. The wax lamb I placed under glass and sits on a pewter plate. The crock was found locally as well, I think at a yard sale or estate sale (LUV those!).

I picked up this quilt at a local consignment shop for $8.00. It is a twin and is just the right size to use on the couch.

I don't know about you ladies 50 or older, but I think I am starting the "change" and I am having a terrible time with it! What an emotional rollercoaster!!!! I don't really want to go to the doctor for anything, so I have purchased some Estroven at the pharmacy. I hope this helps.
I have taken some time off work this week (F and M for a "long" weekend) in the hopes of relieving some of the stress. I found that sewing and crafting has helped a lot as well.
Now, I need to find some more fabric (I purchased a lot of mine at yard sales) so I can do some other projects!

Well, bye for now.