Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ramblings from Player Lane

Hello all, 

I hope you have had a great Fourth of July! Things are HOT and muggy here on the Crystal Coast, so we have been indoors. Luckily we have had rain scattered throughout the week, so not much watering needed to be done.

Yard sales have been good this summer, so far. I have picked up some primitive/country/colonial items, quilt tops, pewter and such. We have a big population of retirees in our community. I haven't been to any estate sales in a couple of years. 

We have worked hard in the back yard this spring re-mulching and putting out pine straw and creating new beds. This is the galvanized garden. They have really filled in over the past month with the rain we have had. I also purchased "twins" to go with momma lamb.  I really enjoy them.

Hubby and won enclosed the patio with the fence and trellis. I added the other bed with lambs ear and day lilies. There is a clematis on the left which was a gift from my daughter. I expect it won't do much this year, but hopefully next year it will leap.

See the twins?

The family was sorting through some pictures recently. This is a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma Sutton on their wedding day in 1925. This is my Dad's parents, William and Delphia.  My daughter is named after her grandmother. 

Here they are in later years (1970's). They lived in Craigsville, WV.

Here is Grandma Sutton with her mother (front seated).

And her father.

Here is Grandpa (front left) with his Uncle Hyer, Aunt and cousin. I love her outfit.

Well I thought I had some newer pictures of the house, but I must have deleted them. So more to follow.

Y'all have a good summer. Stay cool!

Blessings ~

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where Has The Time Gone?

Well, it has been months since I have been here posting. I actually had forgotten I had a blog to tell the truth.  There are no new pictures to post today. I have been getting a "feel" for our new home. I first went prim, then went coastal, but am going back to a fresher spin of country/colonial, a little less clutter. I have actually sold a lot of items over the past 2 years. Looking back on my blog posts, I revisited my previous home and actually began to wonder if I had sold the farmhouse swags that I had seen. Well, low and behold, I found them stored in the attic (thank goodness). Do you ever wonder what you have done with something, and later remembered that you sold it years ago in a yard sale? So I have hung the previous black/cream check tab top curtains in the living room and the valances in the office area. The farmhouse swags are going to our bedroom which has no curtains at the moment, just the original plantation blinds. I moved an old pine dresser (converted to a console years ago) from the bedroom which I used beside the bed to the living room for the TV, so now I am looking for another pine dresser for the bedside table. I really like the look of old pine, the patina.

I have taken tonight "off" and have told myself I am not going to do anything. After dinner (pizza from Pizza Hut), I sat down with the laptop and cleaned up my Facebook page, and visited on Pinterest. And now, back to blogging. I have actually missed it.

So I will be back again soon, after fall decorating, and hanging the curtains, and a little more decorating, with new pictures of our home sweet home.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Well it has been many months since I have posted. We did sell the house and moved into our new home the first of June. We have spent several months getting things sorted through and everything put into its place. It is wonderful to have a floored attic to put our "treasures" and equally a garage to park in.  The garage is all situated after unpacking and a workbench, shelving and other storage has been recently completed. We have decided not to build a shed in the backyard for the time being.

Furniture has been moved and moved again. We ordered new beds/bedroom furniture and a new couch and chair, and a double recliner. We sold our sectional before we moved as we didn't know if we could use it or not because it was rather large. I think everything is finally situated - shew.

Now for a few pictures - I hope you don't mind  ..

This is a grouping in our master bath


The top of the pie safe

Front porch, this Christmas

At the fireplace

And again, this will soon be changed out to spring d├ęcor. 

We love our house and have no regrets moving.  We had our back yard landscaped and we are looking forward to seeing how it develops in the years ahead.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We'll be moving!

Well I never thought this day would come! After 3-4 years, off and on, of listing our house, this weekend we got an offer/contract on the house. Inspections will be soon forthcoming, and closing date is set at June 7th. We went yesterday to the bank and got our pre-approval. With a "healthy" budget we can find the house we really need. Househunting has commenced!

The buyers are from out-of-town and the buyer's agent stated that they were "excited". They came on Friday evening, came around Saturday to test the alley for parking, and came back on Sunday, and we had an offer that Sunday evening. She would also like us to convey a few pieces of furniture which is okay with me, they aren't "family", and the other items were to convey anyway. 

We've been looking at the MLS listings and have started a list. Two-stories must have a master on the main floor, and we want a garage, and a fenced in yard, and a covered/screened back porch. I am sure we will find most of our must-haves. 

And the decorating! I can't wait to begin!!

I'll keep you posted!

Blessings ~


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still tweaking and re-arranging

I sold a couple of things here in the living room and brought over hubby's grandmother's old wicker. I had to recover all of the cushions. I used painter's drop cloth. I made the pillows too. The print fabric came from Hobby Lobby. Yes, we have a Hobby Lobby now!

The shutters were found on the side of the road as was the round frame.

I love the old ironstone, chips, crazing and all.

The other shutter I used here behind the entry table. I repainted the old lamp.

Old cabinet painted blue inside. Nice contrast. I keep my vintage dog figurines here as well as old blue willow, books, etc, and attic treasures.

The print above the table was from hub's grandmother too.

Vintage prints from Knick of Time Interiors (blog). She has lots of lovely downloads.

A little low/no cost decorating goes a long way. The sell of the cabinet and bench purchased the rug set and the painters drop cloth. Everything else was found or I already had.

My next project to accomplish is some of those topiaries using a tutorial I found on Dee Duncan's blog Vintage Country Style blog . I will post pics later!

Blessings ~

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tweaking and lightening up

I have taken the week off from work to clean around the house. I have been tweaking and re-arranging, something lighter, almost like a prairie/farmhouse feel. I like it just as much as the colonial/primitive look.

I made new curtains for my upper glassed cabinets from coffee-stained bar towels from Wal-mart. I used craft paper tags and rubber stamped them to indicate the contents of the cabinet. I really like the way they turned out. I think it accents the old, crazed ironstone on the shelf above the sink.

I picked up a couple of feed sacks from the shop this week. I like the colors.

This curtain I made last year for the kitchen door. I added the upholstery tape/ribbon to hand it up.

I also cleaned and rearranged my cabinets. I took all of the brown drip Hull dishes to my booth to sell. I added my white dishes and the blue ball canning jars. I kept the brown treenware in the cabinet for contrast.

I changed out the curtains from the dark curtains....

I bought painters dropcloths, washed them and made the covers for the couch cushions. What a difference!

I love this old cracked wash basin that was found in my husband's parents attic.

I also made these two pillows for the couch. I need to make a couple of more.

I added the covers to the dining room chairs. I made these last year when I made the kitchen door curtain. Notice the ruffle at the bottom?

I have this ironstone dish on my dresser. I love the old baby shoes, keys and watch. Those are my babies in the picture.

I also tweaked the front room/foyer/old living room....

The picture was from my husband for Christmas. I brought my ironstone out and added a little greenery....(please ignore Mr. Glade in the corner)

Old quilt and pillows on the bench. Another ironstone basin picked up at a yard sale for $2.00 filled with bobbins.

Wood bowl with greenery and tin scoop...

These little dresses I made last year. I love the colors.

Last, but not least, we got our flower gardens cleaned out from pennywort and chickweed. We sprayed for weeds today and put out fresh pine straw. I think we have a good jump start!

Well, I will close for now. I hope you have a great week ahead!

Blessings ~

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's been a while...

It has certainly been a while since I have posted. Things are staying the course here, the house(s) is still for sale, hubby is busy after his retirement, and family is well.  The shop is doing super with increasing sales every month (yeah!).

Weather permits us to continue yard sailing. I found this amazing walking spinning wheel last weekend at a consignment store for a wonderful price....

I didn't realize how big it was until I brought it in.

This is mom's stone fruit she had. She had it sitting in a stone dish as well, but I put the fruit in this old bowl and will give my sister the stone dish to use...

This is a picture of "the front room" or foyer...it used to be our living room until we added on. The two chairs I picked up a couple of weekends ago at a yard sale for $7 each to go with this old pine table.

Several weeks ago I bought a "lot" from a young lady that was moving and "redecorating". I kept this Antiques sign (the rest goes to the shop).

One day last winter I painted this foyer/alcove off of the kitchen with the "free" paint from Ace's paint promotional. Hubby made the bench for the crocks.

I love my drysink. I purchased it at auction for the shop, but I swapped it out with another piece and brought it home. Can you tell I like crocks? I keep my potatoes and onions here.

Well the holidays are soon approaching. Tomorrow after yard sailing I will start to put out Christmas and such. I need to get the bird out of the freezer too!

I hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving!