Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene - August 26, 2011

Hello everyone! We are hunkered down for hurricane Irene, our first major storm in 7 years. This is cat 3 hurricane, hopefully it will be downgraded a bit before it hits here.  My husband is a fireman/paramedic. His next shift is tomorrow, they got called in early tonight, and I will see him sometime Sunday or thereafter. They will be at Station 1 which is only a few blocks away from here.

My daughter and her house-mate are shored up next door. Granny's house has weathered many storms since it was built in the 20's... a good heavy house.

Granny, William and I, and the animals are staying home. The shelters are open now in the county and the island had a mandatory evacuation. The bridges will be closing soon.

I have been busy today though, as my hubby and son took care of storm-proofing the grounds yesterday. We took the dogs to the groomers, and I have sewn together four more pumpkin heads, and cut out appliques for 4-5 more pillows, and I will soon be finishing up a cross stitch that I have been working on. I don't know whether I will frame it or make a pin keep out of it or maybe a door hanger?? I can paint the heads tomorrow and start assembling them soon after. 

I have been thinking about paining my living room/foyer this fall. Eddie Bauer has a paint color - Molasses - I am leaning towards. It is kind of a yellow/brown color. My sister had a high back bench that she was selling so I acquired it. I am thinking of paining it black and distressing it to put in the living room/foyer along with another older table and lighting, to take it back in time a bit. I really do love country/primitive decor. I'm not really sure why, but it has a warm feeling, and I do like history as well.

Well, I will close for now. I will post pics later.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Been busy...

I have finished up these punkin heads to take to my booth this week as well as finished up a counter cubbie....

Have finished cleaning and changed the curtains in the living room to my black and tan tab tops, changed out the pillows on the couch. And changed out the decor in the bathroom, a new Country House shower curtain with red stars at the bottom, and a couple of samplers and an old Amist toddler dress. Lesa Cook at Brier Creek Primitives is making soap. I picked up a couple of bars from her when I visted with her in July and have those setting in a bowl near the sink.

School starts this week. My daughter is going back to school another year to get her associates in Medical Assisting (she is working full-time at a pulmonologists office). She is very excited to take this extra year to get her associates. I hope she doesn't get burned out, going to school full time and working full time too. My son is continuing to take classes, plans to take the medical assisting program next fall. Sometimes I think he is a professional student, but he still hasn't found a good full-time job yet, so he might as well get all the education he can get until he does. Maybe it will help him in the future.

I need to work out in the yard, but it is so hot here. I will have to wait until dark to do that. Mostly weeding and trimming back some wisteria (darned plant!).  I actually planted them when I had an arbor, but have since taken down the arbor and uprooted one plant, but my husband and son gave up on the other one. I try to keep it trimmed up weekly.

I will close for now and hope you have a blessed week!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall and Moving??!!

Hi everyone -

Can you believe August is almost over, school is about to start again, and Fall is around the corner!!
Cooler weather will come soon!

I have just finished up some pumpkins I made from a pattern featured in Mercantile Gatherings magazine. I will be taking these to my booth this week. How do you think they turned out??

I will be working on some crow pillows today. I will post them later.

Even though we have taken our house off of the market in July, our friend/realter has shown it this Thursday. They called back Friday and wanted to see it again yesterday. We found out today that we are tied with another house around the block (husbands choice), UGH!! I hope we find out something this week (preferably tomorrow).

Well, I am off to craft a while. I need to go by the grocery store too. I hope you all have a blessed week, and I will keep you posted on the house deal.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Ready for fall!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been missing lately. We had a family reunion in WV and have been busy making and gathering things for the booth.

The family reunion was bittersweet to say the least. Went to the homestead up Turkey Creek, not at all like I remembered as a youngen...made me want to cry. There was only one living aunt left  and she was unable to attend as she is in a skilled nursing facility. The first generation of cousins arrived, albeit a wee bit older and grayer, and a handful of second generations arrived as well. It was a nice gathering and a time to remember.

I met a nice gal on FB and we arranged to meet while I was there, Lesa Cook from Fayetteville. Bier Creek Primitives. She makes some very amazing furniture, very prim, and has a lovely little shop as well. Please stop by to see her at FB. It looks like she has been very busy lately getting ready for the shows coming up ahead!

That being said, I have been busy here myself gathering and making new items for my booth.

See the bonnet on the stand sitting on the table? Lesa makes bonnet stands and has dresses, towels and other goodies too!  I also brought back this primitive lantern that she made...
See it on the left! Just amazing!

I do hand work like the wicked cross stitch and the stitched prim towel.

Have been yard sailing and estate shopping as well. Last weekend I picked up various items but I love this washstand (of course it didn't look like this now)!  It was filthy! It was in excellent shape with one door that had split and broke. I vacuumed it well, used a wood wash on it and then used Briwax. I think I will keep it a while!

And finally, I love sunflowers, so I made this arrangement, inspired by some pics in the latest issue of Country Sampler....
They make me smile!

So I hope you all have a nice weekend, and happy hunting! I'm off now to an estate sale....I hope I find some goodies!

Bye now, ya'll come back, hear!