Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saturday Night Auction and Gardening

Hello everyone. I hope you are having  great week!

I thought I would chat a while. Hubby and I went to an auction Saturday night and picked up a few items for the booth. We went to a new-to-us auction up the road from us. We were pleasantly surprised with his layout and how quickly he moved through the merchandse. He had brought a "lot" back from Pennsylvania which is why I wanted to go.

I picked up Thomas and Sarah...
In original frames and bubble glass.

Victorian needle work - this frame is in excellent shape with no chips and its original wood back,

And I fell in this, it reminds of something you would find in an old country church...

We also picked up another slaw cutter (complete), a couple of crocks and a couple of bean crocks (one McCoy and one #3 brown/tan). All will be going to the booth (except for maybe Thomas and Sarah).

This past week we sold the larger reproduction cabinet (YAH!). I have another smaller cabinet that I will be taking down Friday. I will be re-arranging again and making room for other things. I also picked up a couple of nice older wood bowls to take to the booth as well, one is a fairly large Munsing bowl.

And it is time to work in the garden. Saturday is yard day for me (that's my plan anyway). I am digging up everything (EVERYTHING) in the front two beds, tilling, and then re-designing the garden, simple and clean.  I have it in my head, but still need to go to the garden supply to see what is coming in now and what will be good to plant now. I am looking for nice shrubbery, and something that is blooming. I had a fella in a few weeks ago that suggested I go with the bigger pots, not the dinky one-gallon size plants, so the garden fills in quicker. So basically I am looking for a couple of tall plants for the corners of the porch, and smaller/shorter/dwarf plans for the front of the porch - maybe boxwoods, maybe azaleas, etc., etc.  I have an old wheelbarrow in the back I might use as a planter. And I am looking for a concrete sheep statuary to put in the garden as well, at a REASONABLE price. Well, we will see. I have to buy the plants and mulch first, then "decorate".

Well, there you have it, for now.....
I hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. Oooh, love your auction finds! Those are great antique pieces! I could never buy and sell, I would want to keep everything I buy, lol. Wish I lived close to your booth so I could shop it. =]

    I've been thinking about my yards and what I need to do but that's as far I've gotten on them. Guess I need to put a plan into action. Sounds like you're about ready. We have boxwood with azaleas in the middle along the front of our home. I'm sure whatever you decide will look wonderful.

    Have a fantastic week~