Saturday, January 22, 2011

One finished project, Jan 2011

Well, we have another snow day, the second snow day this month, and the third one this winter! How amazing is that. I love it! An excure to stay home, relax, and to watch old movies, read magazines, and maybe finish some needle work I need to stain. My goal this year is to finish all of my un-finished projects. My first completed project is a slipcover for my wing chair. I followed the directions given by Pat at farm. I think it turned out pretty good for my first one.

For next cover I will cut the back smaller so I don't have to put darts/pleats in the back and it will be more streamlined. I used a red/beige ticking for this one.

I see so many good ideas on other people's websites and blogspots and picturetrails. I wish I was as talented as so many of you are. I would love to learn how to hook rugs. They are all so amazing with their details and colorations.

I like to go to yard sales and to the thrift stores. One of my next things to complete is a small doll's bed that I picked up from the Salvation Army. It is actually painted this horrid blue and has stickers all over it. I will take some before and after pics to post. I intend to use it not as a doll bed, but as a riser on my coffee table. I will sand it and prim it up a bit.  I hope it turns out like I picture it in my mind.

I have completed  few stitcheries I need to stain today as well as some heart bowl fillers (red ticking) before I can finished those up.

Well, I will close now and watch the sow swirling around outside. I did remember to get some evaporated milk to make snow cream with and luckily I still have granulated sugar and vanilla.

Prim blessings!

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