Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

FAREWELL 2011 - HELLO  2012!
I hope this new year brings you happiness and good health!

I hope you had a very merry Christmas. I had a pleasant surprise this Christmas. Let me show you what my hubby gave me for Christmas.

This settee was given to my parents by a family member whey they were first married in 1960.  From this....

To this....

The upholstered and wood restorer estimated the settee to date from 1860-1880's. It means a lot to me to have this restored and will have a place of honor in our bedroom (away from the family pets).

Hubby has been busy too in the workshop. He built a bin for the trashcan...
 As well as a bin for the pet food.
The 2 pet food bins wouldn't fit due to some alterations during construction, so we are using it for a recycling center.

We used Lowe's Valspar paint - flat finish, in Roadster Blue, and a dark gel stain for aging.

I would like for him to build  a cabinet for the TV with two doors on the bottom  with the look of old tongue and groove for the doors. He plans to use recycled wood, hinges, etc. I wonder how it would look painted a mustard color and then stained?

Things are going well at the booth. I have moved the location of the booth again, from the front of the store to 1/2 of a room with a wee bit more space. I hope to have some of hubby's masterpieces for sale there this spring.

This month I plan to slow down a bit and plan some crafting projects. My daughter needs some curtains for her kitchen and laundry closet doors. I will knock that out this weekend. Then Valentines Day will be soon upon us, so I plan to make a few new (old) things for the booth. I also want to make a few prairie style dresses (like those below) and see how they will sell.

And lastly, a couple of thrift store make-overs. The box on the left was a nasty breadbox with melamine trim purchased for $2.99. Looks good after some sanding, painting and a wax job! The cabinet on the right houses the toaster.

The merchant's box I picked up at a yard sale for $2. I cleaned and stained it. It makes a great place to store those K-cups and sugar and creamer packettes. The bowl is also a TS re-do as are the cutting boards.

In closing, I wish you good things in 2012!



  1. Hi Becki! I was going through the list of followers on my blog and noticed that you follow me so I wanted to come over and meet you. I am your newest follower. =]

    What a gorgeous Christmas present and so super sweet of your hubby! The settee is a beautiful piece and how wonderful for it to stay in the family!

    Hubby's pretty talented too, isn't he? He built you some nice pieces. I think a mustard TV cabinet would be wonderfully prim. =] Mustard, black, and red are my favorite colors. From the looks of your makeovers and hubby's pieces, I'm sure you do well in your booth. I wish I was closer so I could come shop. =]

    Nice to meet you and have a delightful week~
    Angie Berry
    Berry Homespun Primitives

  2. That all looks wonderful! I love the newly improved sofa of your mom and dad's! Happy New Year too you!