Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello everyone! It is hot and sunny on the Crystal Coast today! My husband and I, granny and neighbor did hit the yard sale circuit this morning. It was so hot and humid it felt like you just stepped out of the shower. We did find some goodies today though :)

Also this week I purchased a wonderful blue/gray pie safe and slant top desk from Mary, a friend of mine from the shop. I have the pie safe in place and re-loaded (with dinnerware) and have taken out the old oak dresser and placed the desk. I am having a little difficulty decorating it right now. In the new Autumn issue of Vintage Style, on page 22, there is an article labed "Back in Time".This couple has renovated their 1860's home to focus on their primitive furnishings. They did a spectacular job. On page 23 she has a desk that is similar to the one I have purchased. I love the way it is decorated. My desk doesn't have the high back on it, nor the ledge on the desk. I have asked my husband if he could add a little ledge on it for me with some trim molding after I have stained it to match the desk. I have an electric Paul Revere lantern (for melting wax) and various old books. I think the black shelf above also add so much to this setting.  Frankly her whole house is wonderful! 

I also went to Amazon and purchased Franklin and Esther Schmidt's new book Passion for Primitives. It is a colorful book and the pictures are amazing. I have found in their book as well a desk almost identical to the one I just purchased except theirs has a black aged finish. It makes me wonder if I should pain mine.

I know pictures say a thousand words.  I will post some soon.

The housing market is slow, to say the least. We have had two showings since my last post. Both ladies liked the house very much, both husbands wanted something newer (sounds like my husband too). Well God will put things into place in his timing. I have faith in Him.

I have been having a few health problems for a while, namely right-sided abdominal pain. Yes, I still have my appendix. I had my gallbladder taken out years ago. My PCP ordered a CT Scan and blood work and everything appeared okay. The pain persisted, and radiating from my back, so I thought maybe I had a back problem. Well I did, spondylolisthesis, and apparently something I have had for a long time. I must have done something to exacerbate it (hmm, maybe crawling over the dogs to get in bed?). Anyway that has now resolved, but the right lower abdominal pain has not. So now I am scheduled for a colonoscopy (not looking forward to that, at least my husband just had his and says it is a breeze), and I might possibly have a hernia. I hope the tests Thursday shed some light on the problem so I can get it resolved.

Business at the booth has been good and steady this month. I am quite surprised by the items I have found for the booth have sold so quickly. We just took in a side table yesterday that we did a paint treatment on and it sold today! (I bet my husband $1 that it would.)

Well, off to get dinner ready to go on the table. Hubby just came in from the grill.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th!

Blessings ~

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