Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2012

Wow, 2 posts in one week. I don't think I have managed that before. :)

It's Sunday, and quiet, so I decided to take some pics from around the house.

This pie safe I recently purchased from Mary, a fellow vendor from The Seahorse. I love the color of this piece!

This desk is wonderful. It has a nice drawer, and when you open the lid,

The two drawers are also dovetailed.

I need some input on how to decorate. I love this picture in the Autumn issue of Vintage Style (Pg 22/23)

You need to purchase this magazine. It has some wonderful pictures and ideas (even this article on a home decorated with primitives!)

Also in Franklin and Esther Schmidt's book Passion of Primitives, there is a desk similar to this with a black/dark finish. Ilike the finish on that piece, but I don't think I could do that to this piece.

Now where to begin?

Some other pics from around the house...................
Our 2nd/master bath


Above the sink

Stove board

My small collection of treenware, molds and mortis'

Tabletop display

My small collection of firkins (they're hard to find around here). The larger bucket on the floor came from a friend who picked it up from a hardware store. I stained it. The bucket bench I picked up in Selma this past spring.

I love the geraniums and crocks in the drysink. Geraniums mean summer to me.

I would greatly appreciate any input with the desk and this spoon rack. I have a few things gathered, but haven't quite got it yet.


Wishing you all a safe and Happy 4th!

Blessings ~ Becki


  1. no ideas, but I really like your photos!

  2. I have seen that same photo from country sampler, the one with the silhouettes, it's a real classic- I don't know who's house that is, but that silhouette arrangement was perfection! Love your firkins, they are extremely scarce and therefore over priced where I live (Quebec) ~