Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello fellow bloggers. It certainly has been hot here on the Crystal Coast, but we have been getting some much-needed rain!

The previously mentioned bed is still available. Local pick-up only. $100, rails and steps included (we're keeping our mattress).

I have taken the week off from work. Believe me I couldn't have needed it worse! We have new management with new ideas and everything is turned upside down at the moment. That's all I will say about that.

So this week my plan is to finish up some sewing projects, restock our booth and maybe look at a few houses. We did show our house yesterday evening to a young military couple. They liked the house a lot, but will be looking at some others before deciding. You know how that goes. Of course, we will do the same thing. We are looking for a 3+ bedroom, 2+ bath home. Everyone will be living under one roof (2 kids and granny), plus our 3 cats and 2 dogs, and my daughters 2 cats. We have selected some potential homes off of the MLS listings but we will need to see them to see if they will work or not. Also we would like a house with a garage, and plenty of parking area, and a fenced in yard. My husband does not want an older home that needs any work (we have lived in one for 25+ years and he is done with that). He would like it to be move in ready (I agree!).

Well Sunday I decided it was time to get ready for fall around the house.

Fall flowers in the crock filled drysink.

Flowers and gourds in the table arrangement.

I brought this bucket bench back from the booth when we took the large "pie safe" to the shop. The blue bucket is actually one of several found in the in-laws attic. The others have preserve labels on them. I painted this one to cover up someone's initial attempt at a paint job.

Decluttered the cabinet (inside too). New fixins in the dough bowl.

Fall flora and crows on top of the pie safe.

This slant top desk (and hogscraper candlestick) I picked up from a friend earlier this summer. The books and glasses are from my husband's family.

Inside of the desk with parchment paper and quill. The old receipt book and small picture are from husband's family. 
New Billy Jacobs print/canvas, available in our booth.

I picked up these two wonderful wingbacks from an estate/moving sale last weekend for the low price of $100.00. They are by Clayton Marcus. Miss B is taking a nap currently. I made the crow pillow last fall.

Beside the chair where I read/sew/ and watch TV.

My husband just called me from outside to say we might have a showing tomorrow (a car drove by looking for details on the realtors sign). Wish us luck!

Blessings ~



  1. Everything is looking good Becki!I love the little touches of fall color and the sunflowers are great in your crocks.Good luck with the house hunting and selling. Blessings~Sara

  2. Love your Fall displays! Take care, Janice