Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where Has The Time Gone?

Well, it has been months since I have been here posting. I actually had forgotten I had a blog to tell the truth.  There are no new pictures to post today. I have been getting a "feel" for our new home. I first went prim, then went coastal, but am going back to a fresher spin of country/colonial, a little less clutter. I have actually sold a lot of items over the past 2 years. Looking back on my blog posts, I revisited my previous home and actually began to wonder if I had sold the farmhouse swags that I had seen. Well, low and behold, I found them stored in the attic (thank goodness). Do you ever wonder what you have done with something, and later remembered that you sold it years ago in a yard sale? So I have hung the previous black/cream check tab top curtains in the living room and the valances in the office area. The farmhouse swags are going to our bedroom which has no curtains at the moment, just the original plantation blinds. I moved an old pine dresser (converted to a console years ago) from the bedroom which I used beside the bed to the living room for the TV, so now I am looking for another pine dresser for the bedside table. I really like the look of old pine, the patina.

I have taken tonight "off" and have told myself I am not going to do anything. After dinner (pizza from Pizza Hut), I sat down with the laptop and cleaned up my Facebook page, and visited on Pinterest. And now, back to blogging. I have actually missed it.

So I will be back again soon, after fall decorating, and hanging the curtains, and a little more decorating, with new pictures of our home sweet home.



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