Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy days always get me down.

A rainy day, don't get me wrong, we do need the rain, but it makes for a dreary day. On top of that, my miniature poodle Jasmine who is 13 is very sick. She has lost a noticeable amount of weight in about a month and a half (she was rather rotund), and then she started with blood in her bowel movements. Took her to the vet and she thought it was some irritation and gave her some Metronidazole and put her on a bland diet. I thought she was recuperating pretty well, but in the last few days she seems so feeble, has been drinking constantly, and has been throwing up and has diarrhea. She can barely stand up and is sleeping a lot (more than usual). I will be taking her back to the vet as soon as possible.  I will keep you posted.

On another note, there was a local estate sale this weekend as well as an auction that I attended. The estate sale had a lot of nice old/vintage/antique items. I picked up a blue ironstone bowl, some wooden spools, a small crock, a small cutter quilt with blues in it, and a wool carder.  I went to the auction specifically because they had some old wood boxes, a spinning wheel, and what sounded like a dough bowl. The boxes ended up being pricey, no dough bowl, but did walk away with the spinning wheel :) My hubby wanted to wait and bid on a nice glass top secretary, which he ended up getting a nice deal on as well. Needless to say, we had a very busy day Saturday!

Well, bye for now.


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