Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Took son for allergy testing. He has been having progressively worsening sinus/allergy problems over the past few years to the point that he develops a couple of bad events a year requiring multiple antibiotics, etc. Well come to find out he is allergic to most all things, grass, trees, mold, dust, cats and dogs (we have 2 dogs and 3 cats)!  Well, knowing is half the battle. We will now begin to implement some of the suggested recommendations (minus finding new homes for the pets), and the doc prescribed another allergy medication.

It has been rather hot here the past week or so, triple digits. I would love to get out and rework the front flower beds, but I need to do it early one morning or late in the evening.

Things are steady at the booth in town. It seems people call every day wanting to know where "I" am at. Car ads/signs really do work well! As you recall, I am a vendor at The Seahorse at 907B Arendell Street, downtown Morehead City.  I would really like to be able to open my own business in a few years, selling new items as well as consigning all things "country" - - - furniture, art work, etc. This is my first step to achieving my goals.

I have a few sewing projects planned for this weekend, and I may paint a small demilune table to put at the kitchen door and maybe an old mirror above it.

We had a wonderful yard sale over the Memorial weekend. I have really been cleaning out and this  yard sale really moved some items for me - a wing chair and slipcover, a side table, a swing arm lamp and some shades, pillows, etc. This fall I will cull some more out of the shed, i.e. Christmas decorations, old canning jars, etc. (It should be a bit cooler too!)

I hope you guys have a wonderful week!

Until next time..... Becki

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  1. Morning Becky,
    Gosh, isn't it awful when our children get these things...they are so young to be suffering with such things as allergies!!

    Glad things are going great for you - people still want pretties for their home - we NEED them!!!