Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yard Sale Treasure

Went out yesterday morning with my daughter. I found this wonderful chippy white vintage cabinet, and the mirror too!

It was the perfect size to use at the side entrance.

Occasionally you can find some really cool things. I wish I could find some grain sacks. I love those that Marian has on her blog I can't find anything like that here.

I have also seen some wonderfully painted furniture in blogland. I would like to try Ann Sloan's chalk paint.  They offer a great range of colors to choose from. There are three distributors in NC.  I can usually find some great pieces to redo at the Salvation Army and yard sales so maybe I can get the paint here before I need it. We have just finished cleaning and rearranging the shed and have installed some new overhead lighting, so it will make a great workshop for painting.

Things at the booth are steady, although a bit slow last month. Still making booth rent, plus some, at least. I now have a couple of Irvin's chandeliers for sale - a six arm chandelier and 2 witches hats.

Eastern NC is in a severe drought. We haven't had rain in ages........ I planted some roses last weekend, so I am keeping them watered pretty well. It's a good thing we have a well and don't have to rely on city water!

Well, you guys take care and have a blessed week.
Come back and see me now, ya hear!



  1. Wow what lucky and wonderful finds.
    I never score that good YS.
    Love those type of lights too.
    Maybe one day I'll be able to replace mine with ones like that.

  2. That is beautiful! It looks great in that space too!

  3. Great find...I love how you decorated it also!