Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall and Moving??!!

Hi everyone -

Can you believe August is almost over, school is about to start again, and Fall is around the corner!!
Cooler weather will come soon!

I have just finished up some pumpkins I made from a pattern featured in Mercantile Gatherings magazine. I will be taking these to my booth this week. How do you think they turned out??

I will be working on some crow pillows today. I will post them later.

Even though we have taken our house off of the market in July, our friend/realter has shown it this Thursday. They called back Friday and wanted to see it again yesterday. We found out today that we are tied with another house around the block (husbands choice), UGH!! I hope we find out something this week (preferably tomorrow).

Well, I am off to craft a while. I need to go by the grocery store too. I hope you all have a blessed week, and I will keep you posted on the house deal.


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