Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene - August 26, 2011

Hello everyone! We are hunkered down for hurricane Irene, our first major storm in 7 years. This is cat 3 hurricane, hopefully it will be downgraded a bit before it hits here.  My husband is a fireman/paramedic. His next shift is tomorrow, they got called in early tonight, and I will see him sometime Sunday or thereafter. They will be at Station 1 which is only a few blocks away from here.

My daughter and her house-mate are shored up next door. Granny's house has weathered many storms since it was built in the 20's... a good heavy house.

Granny, William and I, and the animals are staying home. The shelters are open now in the county and the island had a mandatory evacuation. The bridges will be closing soon.

I have been busy today though, as my hubby and son took care of storm-proofing the grounds yesterday. We took the dogs to the groomers, and I have sewn together four more pumpkin heads, and cut out appliques for 4-5 more pillows, and I will soon be finishing up a cross stitch that I have been working on. I don't know whether I will frame it or make a pin keep out of it or maybe a door hanger?? I can paint the heads tomorrow and start assembling them soon after. 

I have been thinking about paining my living room/foyer this fall. Eddie Bauer has a paint color - Molasses - I am leaning towards. It is kind of a yellow/brown color. My sister had a high back bench that she was selling so I acquired it. I am thinking of paining it black and distressing it to put in the living room/foyer along with another older table and lighting, to take it back in time a bit. I really do love country/primitive decor. I'm not really sure why, but it has a warm feeling, and I do like history as well.

Well, I will close for now. I will post pics later.



  1. hi, Becki~
    ~ sending prayers for your safety~
    look forward to seeing pics of your re-dos~ now I have to go check out the color Molasses~ I have a couple rooms I want to redo~ been trying to get ideas of color~
    Keep safe~

  2. Hi Teresa - All is well! We were very blessed it came in at a cat 1, lots - lots of wind. power went out around 3 am Sat morning and was restored around 3pm Sun. Thank you for your prayers. I will post pics soon. I still have to check out my booth as the shop has been closed since Friday.

    Thanks again!