Sunday, August 21, 2011

Been busy...

I have finished up these punkin heads to take to my booth this week as well as finished up a counter cubbie....

Have finished cleaning and changed the curtains in the living room to my black and tan tab tops, changed out the pillows on the couch. And changed out the decor in the bathroom, a new Country House shower curtain with red stars at the bottom, and a couple of samplers and an old Amist toddler dress. Lesa Cook at Brier Creek Primitives is making soap. I picked up a couple of bars from her when I visted with her in July and have those setting in a bowl near the sink.

School starts this week. My daughter is going back to school another year to get her associates in Medical Assisting (she is working full-time at a pulmonologists office). She is very excited to take this extra year to get her associates. I hope she doesn't get burned out, going to school full time and working full time too. My son is continuing to take classes, plans to take the medical assisting program next fall. Sometimes I think he is a professional student, but he still hasn't found a good full-time job yet, so he might as well get all the education he can get until he does. Maybe it will help him in the future.

I need to work out in the yard, but it is so hot here. I will have to wait until dark to do that. Mostly weeding and trimming back some wisteria (darned plant!).  I actually planted them when I had an arbor, but have since taken down the arbor and uprooted one plant, but my husband and son gave up on the other one. I try to keep it trimmed up weekly.

I will close for now and hope you have a blessed week!


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  1. Wonderful job on the pumpkin heads~ prim~ is that a pooch in the back ground~ so cute~